President’s Message for October 2017

presidents message

October 2017 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

ASNT continues to evolve with the feedback of its members.  It’s essential that you feel welcome to provide feedback at meetings or to give to a board member of your choice so we can provide the best service to the astrological community.

We’ve gained a few new members over the past couple of months (welcome!) and it looks like we have a new board member about to join (double welcome!).  Last month, there were three open board positions and thanks to a willing volunteer, we’re now down to two open board positions:  Programs Director, Publicity Chair.  We just need to officially vote our new board member in and we’ll have a stronger, more complete board.  If you have a desire to help us schedule speakers and keep our programs entertaining, or get the word out, consider joining our non-profit board.

Our meeting format for the Group Exercises has also evolved.  Instead of the group deciding a topic two months ahead of time, we’ll have the group that actually attends the meeting decide from two (2) predetermined basic topics.  This should help reinforce the “learning from each other” goal that we originally wanted when we started this format, and not try to all learn things that are new to all of us.  A discussion where we’re talking about things that some of us know something about will probably result in a more engaging teaching environment.  We hope you join us because with your presence and contributions, we’re a better ASNT.

Last but not least, even our speaker format this month has an evolution – our lecturer will be coming to us via BILLIONS OF ELECTRONS DELIVERED OVER THE INTERNET.  Isn’t that amazing?  We as a group will still be together in our normal meeting place, so we can gather face-to-face, discuss, and greet, but we will expand our reach by learning from the speaker we had scheduled for us in 2016.  It’ll be great to close the loop with her and hear what she has in store.

Evolution.  It’s what’s for winners.

Astrologically Yours,

Wayne Hall
ASNT President 2017-present



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