President’s Message for December 2016

presidents message

December 2016  Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

Happy Holidays!

Whew! As we look back at the year and all the wonderful progress we made, we get to reap the rewards going into the beginning of 2017.
We started with Frank Clifford as our 2016 workshop speaker, then we spent time accessing the by-laws and applying the desired budget to the dues. While quite a lengthy process, there was a lot of cleanup work and much progress was made. The new bylaws and dues structure was approved in the fall. My sincere thanks to my fellow board members for all of their hard work, long meetings hammering through the details, and my thanks to the general membership for passing your new by-laws!

Along with this includes our new meeting format, rotating between a group exercise and a more formal lecture from a speaker. We are also exploring our workshops being via Skype in that were can avoid the travel costs that typically incur.

Last, but not least, the board has been working on a centralized meeting location is on the horizon! We are checking out the possibilities and will present the findings to the general membership at one of our meetings and have a vote.

Be sure not to miss our Holiday party for out December meeting. Details are in this newsletter!

Please have a wonderful, safe, holiday season, and I hope to see you on December 11th at Little Italy Pasta and Pizza and at our January 15th meeting – same time, same place.

Happy 2017 – and Go Cowboys!

Marie Loeb
ASNT President 2015-2016




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