President’s Message for December 2017

presidents message

December 2017 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

Always yearning to travel. Outgoing and entertaining. Needs freedom. Ready for a new adventure. Lucky by nature. Ok, enough of the good stuff. Can be a little pushy and the search for truth might make them too blunt for people’s tastes. Self-righteous much? Ego gets in the way, like, all the time. Gets restless and bores quickly. I’m already bored just reading this far. Sagittarians need things to move on quickly.

We all know who we’re talking about, right?


It’s December and that means two things. Wait, no, it means THREE things. First, it means that we won’t have a normal member meeting this month – we’ll have a Holiday Luncheon. Please join us as we socially connect, get to know one another and be thankful for the past year as a group. And it’s at a different time than normal – one hour earlier.

Second, it also means collecting for the local food bank. As a non-profit organization, we not only service our primary mission of spreading awareness throughout the community about Astrology, but we also want to do what we can for the community in general. Please bring a canned good or monetary donation to the Holiday Luncheon to help us provide for those in need this Holiday season.

Last month we hosted our Group Exercise and it was one of the best ones so far – we dove into Chart Rulers and Tightest Aspects and had a lively and informative discussion about what that means to various people. I had no idea that even the term “Chart Ruler” meant different things to different people! That’s one of the things you can get out of these discussions – share your thoughts, hear from others and expand your mind in ways you might not from a lecture or just watching YouTube or reading a book.
Interacting with others in your community is how you form strong bonds that can last a lifetime. You might make friends, build business transactions, form networks, learn tips or just pass the time in an entertaining way. There’s little to lose and an incalculable amount to gain. Be sure to put us on your calendar for January’s meeting on Sunday the 14th to join us for the next Group Exercise, and remember that we’re still looking for a Publicity Chair and a Programs Chair.

And absolutely put us on your calendar for February’s program where we have Rebeca Eigen coming in to give us her Valentine’s Day talk on Shadow Dance & the Astrological 7th House. It will be a treat so good, you’ll want to bring your significant other along with you.

Oh, and I almost forgot the third thing – I’m a Sagittarius. I thought you might want to know.

And that whole “ego gets in the way” myth? That’s just something the non-Sag folks made up because they’re jealous of our lucky future and amazing good looks.

Astrologically Yours,

Wayne Hall
ASNT President 2017-present

President’s Message for November 2017

presidents message

November 2017 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

Has anyone ever told you how important you are to our Astrological Community?  

Take the fact that you’re reading our newsletter – that in itself shows that you are expanding your mind and engaging with a local group dedicated to being a source of education about astrology.   Like-minded people, when banded together with a common goal, can accomplish so much.

Where we focus our attention indicates what we value.   We have technological advances that could drop the jaw of Benjamin Franklin and the fact is we have a lot of it going towards paying the most money to whoever can keep our attention on an advertisement for just three seconds longer in between cat videos on our phones.  I will admit, though – those cats melt my heart every time, and the picture on my phone is more vibrant than ever before, and I don’t even have a very new one.

Speaking of focusing attention, last month, we banded together for our Monthly Member meeting and gathered around a large television to meet remotely with Kimberly McSherry from Houston.  She shared interesting insights about Jupiter in Scorpio just a few days before the ingress occurred.  This event opened up a completely new world of remote speakers.  If you know of someone outside our normal reach who might want to share their astrological knowledge with us, drop me or any of our Board members a note and we’ll reach out to them.

And speaking of Board members, we gained one new Board member this past month!  Chris Unzicker was nominated and approved to be our new Technology Chair.  Thank you, Chris, for coming forward and filling one of the three open spots on the ASNT Board.  Now we only have Publicity and 2nd Vice President of Programs positions to fill in order to have a full board.  Should anyone else feel like joining, it would be greatly appreciated, as the more we have that join, the easier it becomes to serve the community due to the better ideas, the more diverse support and the more distributed resources.

We hope you’ll join us for our upcoming November Group Exercise as we continue working towards making this group into what serves you best, and please continue to provide feedback to any of us as to how we can best perform that goal.

You are important to us and we hope to see you.

Astrologically Yours,

Wayne Hall
ASNT President 2017-present

President’s Message for October 2017

presidents message

October 2017 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

ASNT continues to evolve with the feedback of its members.  It’s essential that you feel welcome to provide feedback at meetings or to give to a board member of your choice so we can provide the best service to the astrological community.

We’ve gained a few new members over the past couple of months (welcome!) and it looks like we have a new board member about to join (double welcome!).  Last month, there were three open board positions and thanks to a willing volunteer, we’re now down to two open board positions:  Programs Director, Publicity Chair.  We just need to officially vote our new board member in and we’ll have a stronger, more complete board.  If you have a desire to help us schedule speakers and keep our programs entertaining, or get the word out, consider joining our non-profit board.

Our meeting format for the Group Exercises has also evolved.  Instead of the group deciding a topic two months ahead of time, we’ll have the group that actually attends the meeting decide from two (2) predetermined basic topics.  This should help reinforce the “learning from each other” goal that we originally wanted when we started this format, and not try to all learn things that are new to all of us.  A discussion where we’re talking about things that some of us know something about will probably result in a more engaging teaching environment.  We hope you join us because with your presence and contributions, we’re a better ASNT.

Last but not least, even our speaker format this month has an evolution – our lecturer will be coming to us via BILLIONS OF ELECTRONS DELIVERED OVER THE INTERNET.  Isn’t that amazing?  We as a group will still be together in our normal meeting place, so we can gather face-to-face, discuss, and greet, but we will expand our reach by learning from the speaker we had scheduled for us in 2016.  It’ll be great to close the loop with her and hear what she has in store.

Evolution.  It’s what’s for winners.

Astrologically Yours,

Wayne Hall
ASNT President 2017-present

President’s Message for September 2017

presidents message

September 2017 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

Serving the astrological community of North Texas is what ASNT was formed to do.  Back in 1972, a group of astrologers came together and decided to be a source of education to the community about astrology.  That mission continues today, with monthly meetings and periodic workshops brought to you with that same goal in mind – find what the community would like to know more about, and marry that curiosity with the people in the field that can provide the answers to the questions being asked.

This past month we were very pleased to host Maurielle Balczon from Houston, where we were educated by and engaged with her full display of jewelry and astrologically-relevant stones.  If you missed her this past month, and have a chance to see her speak in the future, you owe it to yourself to attend her presentations.  As she spoke of the concept of Adornment, and Symbolism of the self and how one’s Natal Chart might be embodied in one’s appearance, I gained a greater understanding of the elements that make up my own appearance.  She also clearly explained the physiological reactions we have to different colors, and how that might impact people’s reactions to us, or our reactions to others, or our environments.  Personally, since I’m in sales, I picked up some tips and tricks I might take with me in some of my own presentations.

As a group, we continue with our series of alternating speaker-led lecture series with group exercises.  Your feedback is critical, particularly since we do not currently have a Programs Director.  In the absence of a dedicated person to find speakers or topics, if you can suggest a topic or even a person you know who might want to speak (or if YOU would like to speak), we would love to hear about it.  We have opened up the speaker pool to having a remote speaker talking to us over a video feed so now the entire World is our Oyster – in October we will have our first remote speaker!

This Labor Day Weekend, we celebrate the creation of the labor movement and the social and economic achievement of the American Worker.  We take a day off to say “thank you” to those who have served and helped build this country.

Speaking of serving, , the board still has openings for Programs Director, Publicity Chair and Technology Chair.  We only have six of the required nine positions filled, and really could use some help.  There are many benefits to being on the board – not the least of which is having a monthly phone call with some rather enthusiastic people!  You can learn more about these positions on our website at under “About Us”.  Skip the meeting fees!  Be a board member.

Astrologically Yours,

Wayne Hall
ASNT President 2017-present

President’s Message for August 2017

presidents message

August 2017 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

Me, called out of the TSA line at the airport.  Again.  My over-stuffed laptop bag has been unceremoniously pulled out of the x-ray machine for what must be its hundredth “bag check” since I bought it a few years ago.  This is a normal occurrence for me because of how I pack the bag, but I’m running a little late this time and I was hoping to avoid the encounter this time.   25 minutes until boarding.   If bags had eyes, he’d look at me and roll them like a Gemini.  “You brought this on yourself Wayne,” he’d say.

We have been through a lot, this bag and me.  I’m very particular about my work accessories, and I chose this bag for very specific qualities – for one, it’s a TSA-grade laptop bag, which means the laptop side separates just enough from the rest of the bag that it can supposedly go through the x-ray machine with less fuss and without taking the laptop out of the bag.  But I’m “that guy” who absolutely stuffs the bag full of cables and tools and gadgets and more cables, so when it goes through the machine, it looks more like a nova burst of constellations to the person behind the screen than a simple laptop bag.

So off to the TSA inspection table it goes.

“Is there anything in here that can poke me?” the TSA agent asks.  “I have a screwdriver in the front-facing pocket behind the business cards,” I answer in my oft-repeated, almost rehearsed line.  I’m a little worried about the time because my plane boards in about 20 minutes.  They comment about how many cables and tools and gadgets I have.  I agree; it’s for work.   I know not to ask them to hurry because while TSA can be slow, you do NOT want to ask a TSA agent to hurry up.  They remove the offending cables and prepare the bag to go through the machine again.

And then they remove something from the bag I wasn’t expecting.  Something I had left in the bag but had not intended to travel with at all.  And now I see that there’s only 15 minutes until boarding and I get really nervous.

It’s a judge’s gavel.  Wait, that’s ASNT’s gavel.  The gavel that Marie entrusted to me, and that was passed on to her.  The one that I was going to get names engraved on.  I had accidentally left it in my backpack and here I am at the airport and the TSA agent is eyeing me up and down while hefting this judge’s gavel in his hands, nudging his buddies like “hey boys, we got one.”

I play it cool, not letting on I’m nervous at all.  I say “isn’t that the coolest thing?  I was recently elected President of a non-profit here in North Texas that’s been around since 1972 and …” despite all the Leo charm I could muster, and despite trying to win them over with confidence… they would not let it through.  They have a little mailer box where you can mail yourself things you accidentally left in your bag like a knife, but it was too big for that mailer box.  My flight now was boarding in about 7 minutes.  The charm seemed to work a little because I could tell the TSA agent was sad that he couldn’t help.  He offered to help me get to the FedEx office right outside and walk me back in, bypassing security, but FedEx wasn’t open yet.   He even called over the manager and gave me the number of the company who handles the objects to see if I could negotiate something with them, but he’s never heard of anyone getting anywhere with them.

So, one month in and I’ve managed to get ASNT’s gavel confiscated by an agent of one of the highest law enforcement agencies this nation has ever had.   If that’s not a sample of the impact one person can have, I don’t know what is.

I’ll have a new gavel on order very soon.

As a reminder, the board still has openings for Programs Director, Publicity Chair and Technology Chair.  You can learn more about these positions on our website at under “About Us”.

Astrologically Yours,

Wayne Hall
ASNT President 2017-present

President’s Message for July 2017

presidents message

July 2017 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

Happy 4th of July!

For Independence Day, we in the United States celebrate the official birth of a new nation as we broke free of the British Empire almost 250 years ago.

This holiday brings on bold patriotic themes, thoughts of the “motherland” and strong protective instincts among us.  Our families come together, and people remember the past and focus on memories, sometimes very emotional in nature or tough to process.  Maybe it’s happening like that on its own, or maybe it’s getting some help from the Sun – it *is* passing through the sign of Cancer right now, after all.  All those things sound very Cancerian, don’t you think?

Our ASNT group is also celebrating a new birth of sorts – the birth of a new Board.  I’d like to thank our previous Board members – Marie Loeb, who has served as our President and has been elected as our new Treasurer; Christy Hall, who has served as Programs Director and has been elected as our new Secretary; and Sylvia Dunton, who has served as our Hospitality Chair.  We gained a new Hospitality Chair, Linda Gregory, and we continue to have Chris Light as Newsletter and Ryhan Butler as Membership Chair.

I might even go so far as to call this a “stellar” cast, but I know you would see right through that obvious astrological word play.  So I’ll steer clear from the groan-worthy puns and just say the new board has aspects sure to please, and there will be elements everyone will enjoy, at least to a degree.  A sign of a productive board is to be squarely aligned with its members, and not eclipse its charter, so we cast our focus on your needs.  Hopefully there’s no opposition to this goal, and we’re given the latitude to succeed.  We just have to “plan it” and get it done.  We could use your help to get our house in order–– Programs Chair and Publicity are the two remaining positions that still remain void and we’d rather they become full.

We look forward to serving you in this coming year.

Astrologically Yours,

Wayne Hall
ASNT President 2017-2019

President’s Message for June 2017

presidents message

June 2017 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

President’s Message June 2017

Welcome Summertime!

As we ring in the new month of June, this is where I leave you as President of ASNT and take over as your Treasurer.

For the past 2.5 years, I had the rare privilege of serving as your President, a duty bestowed upon me rather quickly.  It was the members’ confidence in me that brought me on board and the existing Board members are wonderful to work with, which made the transition an easy endeavor.

We made great strides in those two years to update this organization, whether it be through the formalities of legal paperwork, by-laws, dues structure, and even the meeting formats.  Looking for a more centralized meeting location still remains on our radar.

Yes, it was a lot of work, but now everyone gets to reap the rewards as we bring this group into the new age of technology and meeting formats.  We even have a Skype presentation coming up later this year!

At present, there are currently two board positions needed to be filled:  Programs Director and Publicity.  If either of these strikes your interest, please let a Board member know.

So, as I end this, I’d like to congratulate Wayne Hall for his election to the Presidency, Linda Gregory as our new Hospitality Chair, and Christy Hall for talking over as Secretary.

Best Wishes,
Marie Loeb

ASNT President 2015-2017


President’s Message for April 2017

presidents message

April 2017 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

President’s Message April 2017

Hello to the month of April!

The board has searched high and low for a more central meeting location, and the hunt continues! Persistence will pay off, we will find the location!!

The one big, important board position that remains open is that of the Programs Director. Without this slot filled, we are going to have a challenge if bringing the quality programs that we have had in recent years past. Please give this some thought and come forward if you would like to fill this need. Remember, we only need for lecturers to speak for 5 programs a year, not 11 like in the past. With the new rotating meeting format, this position has become easier than in the past.

It’s a month of retrogrades, three planets are turning retrograde with two having already turned. So, it’s time to re-evaluate practically everything!! Since my January President’s Message did not get published this year, I’ll give you a little excerpt out of it, so we can all RE-ASSESS!! Spring time = spring cleaning!

  1. What did you like in your life during the past year?
  2. What did you not like during the past year?
  3. What are you going to do different going forward?

How about volunteering to be on the ASNT Board!! We would love to have you!

See you on April 9th!!

Marie Loeb
ASNT President 2015-2017


President’s Message for March 2017

presidents message

March 2017 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and welcome Spring Equinox!!

It’s off and running with our new group exercise format. January was well received and we are on the bi-monthly cycle now with the formal lecture/presenters. So, bring your favorite deciphering tools and reference material with you for the March meeting.

We are also going to present the top picks of new locations at this meeting as decide on one of them.

Also, Rhyan is going to explain and start the dues prorating and new structure voted on last year.

And if that’s not enough, we have several slots coming open on the Board of Directors that we would love to have new members on!! Please read the notice elsewhere in the newsletter for detail.

See you on March 12th!!

Marie Loeb
ASNT President 2015-2017