President’s Message for July 2017

presidents message

July 2017 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

Happy 4th of July!

For Independence Day, we in the United States celebrate the official birth of a new nation as we broke free of the British Empire almost 250 years ago.

This holiday brings on bold patriotic themes, thoughts of the “motherland” and strong protective instincts among us.  Our families come together, and people remember the past and focus on memories, sometimes very emotional in nature or tough to process.  Maybe it’s happening like that on its own, or maybe it’s getting some help from the Sun – it *is* passing through the sign of Cancer right now, after all.  All those things sound very Cancerian, don’t you think?

Our ASNT group is also celebrating a new birth of sorts – the birth of a new Board.  I’d like to thank our previous Board members – Marie Loeb, who has served as our President and has been elected as our new Treasurer; Christy Hall, who has served as Programs Director and has been elected as our new Secretary; and Sylvia Dunton, who has served as our Hospitality Chair.  We gained a new Hospitality Chair, Linda Gregory, and we continue to have Chris Light as Newsletter and Ryhan Butler as Membership Chair.

I might even go so far as to call this a “stellar” cast, but I know you would see right through that obvious astrological word play.  So I’ll steer clear from the groan-worthy puns and just say the new board has aspects sure to please, and there will be elements everyone will enjoy, at least to a degree.  A sign of a productive board is to be squarely aligned with its members, and not eclipse its charter, so we cast our focus on your needs.  Hopefully there’s no opposition to this goal, and we’re given the latitude to succeed.  We just have to “plan it” and get it done.  We could use your help to get our house in order–– Programs Chair and Publicity are the two remaining positions that still remain void and we’d rather they become full.

We look forward to serving you in this coming year.

Astrologically Yours,

Wayne Hall
ASNT President 2017-2019

President’s Message for June 2017

presidents message

June 2017 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

President’s Message June 2017

Welcome Summertime!

As we ring in the new month of June, this is where I leave you as President of ASNT and take over as your Treasurer.

For the past 2.5 years, I had the rare privilege of serving as your President, a duty bestowed upon me rather quickly.  It was the members’ confidence in me that brought me on board and the existing Board members are wonderful to work with, which made the transition an easy endeavor.

We made great strides in those two years to update this organization, whether it be through the formalities of legal paperwork, by-laws, dues structure, and even the meeting formats.  Looking for a more centralized meeting location still remains on our radar.

Yes, it was a lot of work, but now everyone gets to reap the rewards as we bring this group into the new age of technology and meeting formats.  We even have a Skype presentation coming up later this year!

At present, there are currently two board positions needed to be filled:  Programs Director and Publicity.  If either of these strikes your interest, please let a Board member know.

So, as I end this, I’d like to congratulate Wayne Hall for his election to the Presidency, Linda Gregory as our new Hospitality Chair, and Christy Hall for talking over as Secretary.

Best Wishes,
Marie Loeb

ASNT President 2015-2017


President’s Message for April 2017

presidents message

April 2017 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

President’s Message April 2017

Hello to the month of April!

The board has searched high and low for a more central meeting location, and the hunt continues! Persistence will pay off, we will find the location!!

The one big, important board position that remains open is that of the Programs Director. Without this slot filled, we are going to have a challenge if bringing the quality programs that we have had in recent years past. Please give this some thought and come forward if you would like to fill this need. Remember, we only need for lecturers to speak for 5 programs a year, not 11 like in the past. With the new rotating meeting format, this position has become easier than in the past.

It’s a month of retrogrades, three planets are turning retrograde with two having already turned. So, it’s time to re-evaluate practically everything!! Since my January President’s Message did not get published this year, I’ll give you a little excerpt out of it, so we can all RE-ASSESS!! Spring time = spring cleaning!

  1. What did you like in your life during the past year?
  2. What did you not like during the past year?
  3. What are you going to do different going forward?

How about volunteering to be on the ASNT Board!! We would love to have you!

See you on April 9th!!

Marie Loeb
ASNT President 2015-2017


President’s Message for March 2017

presidents message

March 2017 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and welcome Spring Equinox!!

It’s off and running with our new group exercise format. January was well received and we are on the bi-monthly cycle now with the formal lecture/presenters. So, bring your favorite deciphering tools and reference material with you for the March meeting.

We are also going to present the top picks of new locations at this meeting as decide on one of them.

Also, Rhyan is going to explain and start the dues prorating and new structure voted on last year.

And if that’s not enough, we have several slots coming open on the Board of Directors that we would love to have new members on!! Please read the notice elsewhere in the newsletter for detail.

See you on March 12th!!

Marie Loeb
ASNT President 2015-2017


President’s Message for February 2017

presidents message

February 2016 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

ASNT has started our changes to the program formats and it was a SMASHING SUCCESS!! Our first meeting of the year used the format of a Group Exercise. This month, we rotate to the previous format of a guest speaker. Between what the membership knew about the person we were discussing, or different methods of interpretation, what we unearthed about our chart subjects grew quite interesting. Where the monthly speakers have remained more at a “higher concept level”, the Group Exercises now allow us to gather the experience of the whole group attending. This month, we have two speakers. Please refer to the article in this newsletter.

Last month Wayne Hall was our “Unbiased Moderator”. Please refer to his articles on the preparation for any Group Exercise in this newsletter. Bring your color-coded markers and other astrology deciphering tools as needed for your style and preference.

Another implemented facet is the collection of $5.00 for members at the door and $10.00 for nonmembers for the Group Exercise sessions. The months where we have a formal speaker/lecture, (this month and every other month) we will be collecting $10.00 from members and $20.00 from non-members. We can take cash, check or credit card.

Location, location, location! We are still looking for a more centralized location, but have narrowed it down to a few good ones, one of which comes to us at no cost. After last month’s door fees ($50.00 total) plus a potential savings on the meeting space, I figure we would be putting around $75 – $80 a month in the bank. Some food for thought there!

Best Wishes, and see you on the 12th at First Jefferson UU in Ft. Worth!

Marie Loeb
ASNT President 2015-2017



President’s Message for December 2016

presidents message

December 2016  Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

Happy Holidays!

Whew! As we look back at the year and all the wonderful progress we made, we get to reap the rewards going into the beginning of 2017.
We started with Frank Clifford as our 2016 workshop speaker, then we spent time accessing the by-laws and applying the desired budget to the dues. While quite a lengthy process, there was a lot of cleanup work and much progress was made. The new bylaws and dues structure was approved in the fall. My sincere thanks to my fellow board members for all of their hard work, long meetings hammering through the details, and my thanks to the general membership for passing your new by-laws!

Along with this includes our new meeting format, rotating between a group exercise and a more formal lecture from a speaker. We are also exploring our workshops being via Skype in that were can avoid the travel costs that typically incur.

Last, but not least, the board has been working on a centralized meeting location is on the horizon! We are checking out the possibilities and will present the findings to the general membership at one of our meetings and have a vote.

Be sure not to miss our Holiday party for out December meeting. Details are in this newsletter!

Please have a wonderful, safe, holiday season, and I hope to see you on December 11th at Little Italy Pasta and Pizza and at our January 15th meeting – same time, same place.

Happy 2017 – and Go Cowboys!

Marie Loeb
ASNT President 2015-2016


President’s Message for November 2016

presidents message

ASNT November Newsletter – President’s Message

Location, Location, Location!!

At our last General Membership Meeting and presentation in October, we discussed our quest to find a new meeting location more congruent to accommodate our present growth, future needs for our new format of rotating group exercises and lectures, including A/V equipment if possible, and cognizant of our tight budget. I expressed a concern with the extremely large influx of people to North Dallas via many corporate relocations, two of which are huge, and the distinct possibility of a competing astrology group emerging if we are not more accessible to all.

The areas we are trying to concentrate on mostly are the Las Colinas, Irving, and Grapevine areas.  Essentially, near the DFW airport. At present, we have several candidate locations we will discuss at our next meeting. If you know of any locations, please let the board know so we can evaluate them against our needed criteria and repeat availability.

Switching gears here, it’s Harvest Super Moon time! That big, orange moon that reminds us of cool crisp air, apple cider, hay rides and pumpkins from the garden (at least that’s my recollection; I grew up on 80 acres in Michigan!) arrives on November 14th in the 4th house of earth sign, farming Taurus. Time to reap, and to eat!

I hope to see you at our next meeting the day before that, on November 13th. Happy Thanksgiving, and Go Cowboys!


President’s Message for October 2016

presidents message

October 2016 Newsletter – ASNT President Message

The winds they are a changing!

Pat yourself on the back for having survived the astrological whirlwind of September; eclipses, mercury retrograde, and a few other attention getting highlights.  At our September meeting, the General Membership passed the revised By-laws, with them taking effect on January 1st. Wayne will be posting them on our web site. We will start in January with the rotating format of more informal group exercise, and the following month, be hosting a lecturer. The Board is working on content to satisfy all levels of education and interest in astrology. The group exercises may occasionally come with a little prep beforehand for attendees in order that you may need to bring a chart of interest to you, watch a short video, etc.

This is something we will just have to play with a bit in order to get the best format, flow and benefit for everyone. This will be much more exciting to hear of the multiple points of views.

Soon we will also be changing the location of our General Membership location. More on that at our October meeting, so be sure to join us!

While General Membership dues will remain the same, there will be a charge for the meetings themselves.  As far as we can tell, this is the first raise in the dues structure in around 15 years!

I hope to see you at our next meeting on October 9th and brace for that Aries Supermoon on the 16th and Happy Halloween!

Marie Loeb
ASNT President 2015-2016

President’s Message for September 2016

presidents message

September 2016 Newsletter – ASNT President Message

Hello fellow member, fall and another eclipse season!

Quite appropriate that the eclipse is in the Pisces/Virgo houses as your Board has been busy behind the scenes strategizing, and re-organizing the by-laws. As far as we can tell, they haven’t been updated or dues increased in around 15 years.

All members should have received the proposed by-law changes via e-mail before our last general membership meeting. These were discussed at the August meeting and will be put to a vote at the September meeting. The other changes we are initiating in January is to follow a format found successful by other groups in that they rotate between group exercises and lectures from guests. we will start with the group exercise, and then rotate to the lecture. This will allow us to have three different levels of education: 1) peer to peer discussion, 2) expert/guest lectures and 3) annual workshops (some via Skype) for more advanced instruction.

Annual dues are presently due on the month the member joined, requiring a continual dues collection 365 days a year. We are looking to move that to March 1st and prorate dues for those who are due from now until the beginning of next year. We aligned this with the horoscope houses, avoided holiday and tax season bill recuperation timeframes.

This is an exciting new journey for us and has been proven successful by others, so we are confident that this will take us in a much needed direction so that we can attract quality speakers and material.

I hope to see you at our next meeting on September 11th!

Marie Loeb
ASNT President 2015-2016