September, 2014

What attracts you to astrology?  Some of you spend long hours studying this discipline.  Why?  Obviously, most of us find it very rewarding.  But why?  There are probably as many reasons as there are people reading this.  A few of the statements I hear are “ It’s so interesting.  I never get bored with it.  It helps me make sense of what is going on in my life.  It helps explain why I just seem to click with some people and not with others.  It helps me know when the difficult periods in my life show up and how long they’ll last.  It also guides me into making the best use of the favorable periods.”  I’ve had some students say they wish they could quit their jobs and study astrology full time (This is something I don’t recommend until the person is very proficient and highly experienced.)

A full time astrologer who makes his living from astrology makes many sacrifices to do so.  Usually he or she must have the time and resources for travel to lecture at conferences.  Lecturing skills are essential.  Frequent writing and getting published seem to be required too.  I’ve been told that a good way to promote oneself at national and local conferences is to volunteer to help.

Finally an astrologer must realize that being an astrologer requires a love of learning and constant study as well as curiosity, empathy, and love of our fellow human beings.  Most of us already have these qualities or we wouldn’t be as deeply into astrology as we are.

Of course, many of us are attracted to astrology primarily to enrich this time we spend on Earth.  It makes so much sense to realize that there is a plan for our lives and to get little glimpses of what that plan is.  What other discipline is as rich as astrology in giving us these insights?



Here Comes Jupiter in Leo

By Claire Shepard

In Andrew Cohen’s book, Enlightenment is a Secret, he writes, “Realize perfect innocence and abide there always. Innocence is what we knew ourselves to be before we knew anything else. Before we knew anything at all, we knew this purity. Coming upon the perfect purity of this innocence, we are overwhelmed with awe, wonder, mystery and devotion.”

I believe this passage speaks exquisitely to the essential energy of Leo which rules children, love affairs and creative self- expression. It is the true foundation of any sort of creative process or approach to love. For many, accessing this place requires moving past old, early life conditioning and self-doubt which says we don’t have what it takes or that something within us is flawed. We are all here to love and to be creative. We all search and struggle to capture the awe, the wonder and the mystery.

Jupiter, planet of expansion, growth, optimism, and good fortune moves into the fiery sign of Leo on July 16, 2014 at 5:30:30 AM CDT. Jupiter in Leo will give us a special opportunity to tap into this place of simplicity. We all possess the Leo energy in our natal birth chart and here in its fresh and implicit potential we naturally love ourselves, honor ourselves and contribute through spontaneous passion, love and joy. This power, this innocence, is inherent in everyone.

The Jupiter transiting aspects coming from early August to Neptune, from late August to early September to Pluto, from late September to early October to Saturn will serve as the impetus to break out of old fears, restrictions and illusions about our possibilities. These aspects catalyze us viscerally to communicate our truest feelings. They dare us to experiment joyfully with fresh ideas including any and all forms of talent and abilities. Jupiter through Leo can lend us the courage to leap off with our most secretly held dreams of art, love, romance, sex and merriment. Jupiter, in its journey through the energy field of Leo, will provide chances to grow, to soar, recognizing where and how we can bring excitement, love and spontaneity to our lives.

Since Leo rules the creative child we must nurture these dreams and efforts keeping them close to our hearts while encouraging our children and friends to do the same. Keep an eye on the children. They are the spark. Watch, listen, and learn.

Our current culture may not value the crucial nature of these efforts however; if we look throughout history we know this is a highly prized part of any advanced civilization. The United States, established with the Sun in Cancer, is far more concerned with matters of money and status. My message is we have to support and empower ourselves from within through this process.

We will all be challenged to bring to life, our fire, our affection, from the truth and soul of our being. Our ability to move forward with this dynamic time will be directly proportional to our bravery in facing and healing the core issues which have held many of us back for so long. We may have to dig deeply into our belief systems about what is possible for us. We may have to closely guard our thoughts and listen to our gut, our instincts, for true guidance. Julia Cameron’s, The Artist’s Way is a book which leads us gently and happily through our resistances to creative evolution and change. Evolution and change which will enhance our confidence, bringing enchantment and abiding satisfaction to our lives. This is a book for everyone.

For many, this potent urge to express ourselves spiritually, emotionally and physically will no longer be a choice. It will be ripe to bursting, ready within us, yearning for a voice, an avenue. Repressing fire creates anger, depression and disease. It’s far easier to direct our force consciously and a great deal more fun and rewarding.

My intention is to focus and ground daily in nature and commit to this year-long moment. My intention is to stay mindful and nurture myself from what I have learned from Jupiter’s transit through Cancer this last year.. To affirm I am in the right place at the right time giving myself encouragement from one day to the next.  By patiently and deliberately devoting our precious energy to our deepest, most personal passions and aspirations, we can realize an exhilarating new magic in our lives, a new beginning.

So be it.

Claire Shepard is a Fort Worth, Texas Depth Astrologer, Speaker and Writer. She may be reached at 817-585-1089.

 This article first published in the Indigo Sun Magazine August 2014.