July 2014

We have several things to celebrate this month.  Besides the birthdate of our nation, July 4, we also have an important event on July 16, the entry of Jupiter into Leo.  This is especially good for all you fire signs since it encourages good judgment and optimism for you.  It will also make an exact Jupiter return for ASNT in October in time for our annual workshop.  At this Jupiter return, which we have every 12 years, we can attract abundance, luck, and patronage with the generous and tolerant attitude that comes with it.  At the same time, though, we still have to contend with Saturn in our sun sign, Scorpio, until December 24 when it transits into Sagittarius.  In Scorpio it calls for careful planning and maturity on our part.

Mars has been in our solar 12th house since December 8, 2013, which I call a “psychological position,” when we are sorting out what we do and do not want for our group.  Much progress has been made as we continue to enjoy the informative programs and friendships that are brought to us each month, but when Mars finally transits into Scorpio, our sun sign, July 26, we can expect a boost in energy toward our goals. This is the time to contact your friends about what a great group we have.                                                                                      – Donna