September, 2014

What attracts you to astrology?  Some of you spend long hours studying this discipline.  Why?  Obviously, most of us find it very rewarding.  But why?  There are probably as many reasons as there are people reading this.  A few of the statements I hear are “ It’s so interesting.  I never get bored with it.  It helps me make sense of what is going on in my life.  It helps explain why I just seem to click with some people and not with others.  It helps me know when the difficult periods in my life show up and how long they’ll last.  It also guides me into making the best use of the favorable periods.”  I’ve had some students say they wish they could quit their jobs and study astrology full time (This is something I don’t recommend until the person is very proficient and highly experienced.)

A full time astrologer who makes his living from astrology makes many sacrifices to do so.  Usually he or she must have the time and resources for travel to lecture at conferences.  Lecturing skills are essential.  Frequent writing and getting published seem to be required too.  I’ve been told that a good way to promote oneself at national and local conferences is to volunteer to help.

Finally an astrologer must realize that being an astrologer requires a love of learning and constant study as well as curiosity, empathy, and love of our fellow human beings.  Most of us already have these qualities or we wouldn’t be as deeply into astrology as we are.

Of course, many of us are attracted to astrology primarily to enrich this time we spend on Earth.  It makes so much sense to realize that there is a plan for our lives and to get little glimpses of what that plan is.  What other discipline is as rich as astrology in giving us these insights? 


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