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September 2016 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

Hello fellow member, fall and another eclipse season!

Quite appropriate that the eclipse is in the Pisces/Virgo houses as your Board has been busy behind the scenes strategizing, and re-organizing the by-laws. As far as we can tell, they haven’t been updated or dues increased in around 15 years.

All members should have received the proposed by-law changes via e-mail before our last general membership meeting. These were discussed at the August meeting and will be put to a vote at the September meeting. The other changes we are initiating in January is to follow a format found successful by other groups in that they rotate between group exercises and lectures from guests. we will start with the group exercise, and then rotate to the lecture. This will allow us to have three different levels of education: 1) peer to peer discussion, 2) expert/guest lectures and 3) annual workshops (some via Skype) for more advanced instruction.

Annual dues are presently due on the month the member joined, requiring a continual dues collection 365 days a year. We are looking to move that to March 1st and prorate dues for those who are due from now until the beginning of next year. We aligned this with the horoscope houses, avoided holiday and tax season bill recuperation timeframes.

This is an exciting new journey for us and has been proven successful by others, so we are confident that this will take us in a much needed direction so that we can attract quality speakers and material.

I hope to see you at our next meeting on September 11th!

Marie Loeb, ASNT President 2016

August 2016 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

July 2016 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

The winds they are a changing! As you may have heard, the Board has been busy with evaluating our monthly format for speakers, cleaning up the by-laws and the dues structure, as well as finding a more centrally located meeting space. But one thing at a time! As was presented at the June meeting, we are looking at a meeting format similar to what other astrological organizations in Texas have adopted. This will give us an opportunity to dial into subject matter at a deeper level rather than our present format, that sometimes comes to us rather cold turkey, and in and out the door of our rented space in 1.5 – 2 hours. The proposed new format utilizes an alternating schedule starting with Group Discussions/Group Exercises one month, then the next month having an invited and paid speaker delving deeper into the subject. If we find this is a subject matter that the group wants to explore even further, then we can entertain hosting a workshop / symposium. To keep costs down, we will look into doing this via Skype or other on-line camera based communication format if the lecturer is at a distance not congruent to easy Texas travel.

So as we organize, expand, and transform which will eventually grow our organization, (Jupiter in Virgo in 8th house & Uranus in Aries in the 2nd house; ASNT’s current transits) we are going to need YOUR input! With astrology, there is an endless subject matter list, and we will need to find out your educational interests. So please give some thought to this, as we will need to plan out next year’s programs and line up speakers before their schedules fill up. We will take a survey to deduct interests on subject matter soon. See you July 10th!

Marie Loeb, ASNT President 2016

June 2016 Newsletter – ASNT President Message

Happy Summer Solstice and Happy Birthday Gemini’s!

As we enter our summer vacation months, your board has been working on a re-vamp of the ASNT bylaws.  It’s been quite a few years since this has been addressed, and now with the big workshops behind us, we have taken a huge first step in getting the by-laws to reflect how the group really functions, and the needs of the group addressed. Between discussing the committee types and duties, board position types and duties, and the dues structure, we had a four hour meeting working on getting it all together. I will of course, be presenting it at a future meeting for discussion and a vote.

The future vitality and quality of our presentations and speakers relies on being able to pay for their travel and accommodations at the least. Without a new surgence of fees, this will not be possible. As far as we can tell, the dues have not been raised in nearly 20 years.

We are also in the process of trying to find a new meeting space location more centrally located within the DFW area near the mid-cities/Las Colinas areas. If you have any suggestions, please let one of the board members know. At present, we pay $30.00 per monthly meeting for 2.5 hours with no contract for our space.

See you at our June 12th meeting for our presentation from Houston’s own Kim McSherry!

Marie Loeb, ASNT President 2016

May 2016 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

President’s Message May 2016

It’s ‘Re’ month! Re-do, re-plan, re-model, re-structure, re-access, re-power. With 5 out of 10 planets retrograde this month, it’s time to catch up with life. Been putting things on the back burner for some time? Well, now is the time to spring forward and clean house.

Our most common offender, Mercury, is retrograde, as he does three times a year, then add madman Mars to the equation to conjure up a little conflict and “go-get-em” attitude, with Jupiter looking over our shoulders pushing us to expand out of our comfort zone. Mix in a little Saturnian attitude providing some structure and boundaries, and last but not least, our generational transforming planet, Pluto is doing a little clean-up work as well – gosh, must be with the election situations.

I would like to thank all of those that attended April’s yearly workshop with the London Astrology Schools own Frank Clifford here is Dallas for three days to spend with us.  Held at the Wingate by Windham hotel in Las Colinas, we learned everything from detecting health problems via palmistry, to Solar Arcs and Jupiter aspects and the Gauquelin Zones was discussed as Frank expanded our minds. Our deep thanks go out to him. Lunch was by Taco Diner of las Colinas and was the perfect complement to the day.

Keep posted for next year’s workshop as we prepare and welcome suggestions.

As tradition has it, we skip the May meeting due to falling right on Mother’s Day. But please join us next month on the second Sunday of the month, same time, same place.

Marie Loeb,  ASNT President 2015-2016

March 2016 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

Happy International Astrology Day – Sunday, March 20th! (or 19th depending where you are on the globe)

Why this particular day? It’s the day the marks the move to the beginning of the zodiac: Aries – ruler of the first house. The cardinal sign and the hint of spring is on its way. it’s also the day of Equinox.

But let’s survive through the two eclipses first. Eclipses are always two weeks apart from each other. In this case, we kick off a Pisces Solar Eclipse and Super moon on March 8-9th. Pisces is apparently hosting a swimming pool party. If you’ve seen how many planets are crowded in the sign, you will know what I mean. Be sure to bring your swimsuit – and no splashing!

As the sun rounds its presence in the 12th and last of the zodiac houses, and in the 12th, it’s time to heal, hear, clean out the garbage (both your closet and your mind) and strap on your boots for the entry into Aries.

A few days later – the 23rd – comes that second Eclipse (a partial Eclipse). This time a Lunar Eclipse in Libra (Aries opposite sign) this should be a bit easier than the first one. The focus this time is on partnerships, and relations with the public. So evaluate, take stock and action here, but don’t start a new relationship at an eclipse.

As for club news, we edge closer to our Workshop with Frank Clifford from the United Kingdom and one of the editors of Mountain astrologer magazine. This has been a long awaited arrival that I know we are all anxious for. Remember to register on-line at ASNTX.com

Happy Spring!

Marie Loeb
ASNT President 2015-2016

February 2016 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Birthday to all you Aquarians out there and a great Chinese New Year ushering in the Year of the Fire Monkey!

And congratulations for making through your first Mercury retrograde (in Capricorn) for the year. Just three more to go in 2016. Uggg. The next one is in Taurus, then Virgo and the last in Capricorn again. What did you re-assess in that area of your life in January? Can you anticipate anything Taurean like for the next one? A little observation in your life can foretell a potential challenge you can prepare for.

As we are edge closer to our February workshop the board has the bigger items such as the venues, costs, hotel, and rates ironed out at this point. We will keep the membership apprised of the details as we draw closer. With the ad published in Mountain Astrologer, it was critical to get the big picture details in order and placed on the web site registration page.

Along with the fabulous full page inside back cover ad in Mountain Astrologer, we have Meetup announcements, Facebook postings, and ads posted in other astrology groups media releases. Please be sure to check in on those web sites and do a posting!

I am sorry to announce that Priscilla Peers will be stepping down as our Treasurer. She helped with the board transition this past year from what our Founding Members started many years ago to passing the baton to the newer members. If you are interested in becoming our new Treasurer, please let a board member know.

Our membership regained momentum this past year and has risen by a growth of 40% over where we were last January with paid memberships. With the wonderful programs that Christy Hall has procured for us, and the many more she has lined up, we are sure to keep the attention of members and even become enviable to other groups in our ability to procure such quality programs.

Later this year, after our workshop, the board will be addressing some protocol items in our by-laws, as well as the dues structure, in that we can ensure to continue to provide the quality events that we have all come to enjoy.

Marie Loeb
ASNT President 2015-2016

January 2016 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

Happy New Year!

You . . . are going to have a super year! And so is ASNT!

As 2016 beckons it’s time for everyone to step back, reassess and reexamine where you are, who you are, and what your game plan is. As we go Mercury retrograde pretty much right out of the gate in 2016, January 5th – 26th) it’s our chance to catch all of last year’s loose ends and make a clean start of the new year.

And happy birthday Capricorn! The Capricorn new moon on the 9th accentuates the midheaven and getting your business aspects in order for the year. You’ll feel better for it going forward and ready to hit tax season head on with that Capricorn mountain goat headdress!

For our January program, we welcome our newest board member Publicity Chair, Ryhan Butler, who will be speaking on his specialty: Medieval Astrology. He educates and practices in the areas of medical, horary, electional, natal and “magic” astrology. Ryhan also is an educator on the Kepler College staff.

It will be interesting to hear how our ancestors, along with the kings and queens, used astrology via their “magic” Merlin they had in their courts. Isn’t it true that anything we don’t understand, just must be ‘magic’? A little “Lord of the Rings” anyone?

Marie Loeb
ASNT President 2015-2016