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August 2016 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

July 2016 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

The winds they are a changing! As you may have heard, the Board has been busy with evaluating our monthly format for speakers, cleaning up the by-laws and the dues structure, as well as finding a more centrally located meeting space. But one thing at a time! As was presented at the June meeting, we are looking at a meeting format similar to what other astrological organizations in Texas have adopted. This will give us an opportunity to dial into subject matter at a deeper level rather than our present format, that sometimes comes to us rather cold turkey, and in and out the door of our rented space in 1.5 – 2 hours. The proposed new format utilizes an alternating schedule starting with Group Discussions/Group Exercises one month, then the next month having an invited and paid speaker delving deeper into the subject. If we find this is a subject matter that the group wants to explore even further, then we can entertain hosting a workshop / symposium. To keep costs down, we will look into doing this via Skype or other on-line camera based communication format if the lecturer is at a distance not congruent to easy Texas travel.

So as we organize, expand, and transform which will eventually grow our organization, (Jupiter in Virgo in 8th house & Uranus in Aries in the 2nd house; ASNT’s current transits) we are going to need YOUR input! With astrology, there is an endless subject matter list, and we will need to find out your educational interests. So please give some thought to this, as we will need to plan out next year’s programs and line up speakers before their schedules fill up. We will take a survey to deduct interests on subject matter soon. See you July 10th!

Marie Loeb, ASNT President 2016

June 2016 Newsletter – ASNT President Message

Happy Summer Solstice and Happy Birthday Gemini’s!

As we enter our summer vacation months, your board has been working on a re-vamp of the ASNT bylaws.  It’s been quite a few years since this has been addressed, and now with the big workshops behind us, we have taken a huge first step in getting the by-laws to reflect how the group really functions, and the needs of the group addressed. Between discussing the committee types and duties, board position types and duties, and the dues structure, we had a four hour meeting working on getting it all together. I will of course, be presenting it at a future meeting for discussion and a vote.

The future vitality and quality of our presentations and speakers relies on being able to pay for their travel and accommodations at the least. Without a new surgence of fees, this will not be possible. As far as we can tell, the dues have not been raised in nearly 20 years.

We are also in the process of trying to find a new meeting space location more centrally located within the DFW area near the mid-cities/Las Colinas areas. If you have any suggestions, please let one of the board members know. At present, we pay $30.00 per monthly meeting for 2.5 hours with no contract for our space.

See you at our June 12th meeting for our presentation from Houston’s own Kim McSherry!

Marie Loeb, ASNT President 2016

May 2016 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

President’s Message May 2016

It’s ‘Re’ month! Re-do, re-plan, re-model, re-structure, re-access, re-power. With 5 out of 10 planets retrograde this month, it’s time to catch up with life. Been putting things on the back burner for some time? Well, now is the time to spring forward and clean house.

Our most common offender, Mercury, is retrograde, as he does three times a year, then add madman Mars to the equation to conjure up a little conflict and “go-get-em” attitude, with Jupiter looking over our shoulders pushing us to expand out of our comfort zone. Mix in a little Saturnian attitude providing some structure and boundaries, and last but not least, our generational transforming planet, Pluto is doing a little clean-up work as well – gosh, must be with the election situations.

I would like to thank all of those that attended April’s yearly workshop with the London Astrology Schools own Frank Clifford here is Dallas for three days to spend with us.  Held at the Wingate by Windham hotel in Las Colinas, we learned everything from detecting health problems via palmistry, to Solar Arcs and Jupiter aspects and the Gauquelin Zones was discussed as Frank expanded our minds. Our deep thanks go out to him. Lunch was by Taco Diner of las Colinas and was the perfect complement to the day.

Keep posted for next year’s workshop as we prepare and welcome suggestions.

As tradition has it, we skip the May meeting due to falling right on Mother’s Day. But please join us next month on the second Sunday of the month, same time, same place.

Marie Loeb,  ASNT President 2015-2016

March 2016 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

Happy International Astrology Day – Sunday, March 20th! (or 19th depending where you are on the globe)

Why this particular day? It’s the day the marks the move to the beginning of the zodiac: Aries – ruler of the first house. The cardinal sign and the hint of spring is on its way. it’s also the day of Equinox.

But let’s survive through the two eclipses first. Eclipses are always two weeks apart from each other. In this case, we kick off a Pisces Solar Eclipse and Super moon on March 8-9th. Pisces is apparently hosting a swimming pool party. If you’ve seen how many planets are crowded in the sign, you will know what I mean. Be sure to bring your swimsuit – and no splashing!

As the sun rounds its presence in the 12th and last of the zodiac houses, and in the 12th, it’s time to heal, hear, clean out the garbage (both your closet and your mind) and strap on your boots for the entry into Aries.

A few days later – the 23rd – comes that second Eclipse (a partial Eclipse). This time a Lunar Eclipse in Libra (Aries opposite sign) this should be a bit easier than the first one. The focus this time is on partnerships, and relations with the public. So evaluate, take stock and action here, but don’t start a new relationship at an eclipse.

As for club news, we edge closer to our Workshop with Frank Clifford from the United Kingdom and one of the editors of Mountain astrologer magazine. This has been a long awaited arrival that I know we are all anxious for. Remember to register on-line at ASNTX.com

Happy Spring!

Marie Loeb
ASNT President 2015-2016

February 2016 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Birthday to all you Aquarians out there and a great Chinese New Year ushering in the Year of the Fire Monkey!

And congratulations for making through your first Mercury retrograde (in Capricorn) for the year. Just three more to go in 2016. Uggg. The next one is in Taurus, then Virgo and the last in Capricorn again. What did you re-assess in that area of your life in January? Can you anticipate anything Taurean like for the next one? A little observation in your life can foretell a potential challenge you can prepare for.

As we are edge closer to our February workshop the board has the bigger items such as the venues, costs, hotel, and rates ironed out at this point. We will keep the membership apprised of the details as we draw closer. With the ad published in Mountain Astrologer, it was critical to get the big picture details in order and placed on the web site registration page.

Along with the fabulous full page inside back cover ad in Mountain Astrologer, we have Meetup announcements, Facebook postings, and ads posted in other astrology groups media releases. Please be sure to check in on those web sites and do a posting!

I am sorry to announce that Priscilla Peers will be stepping down as our Treasurer. She helped with the board transition this past year from what our Founding Members started many years ago to passing the baton to the newer members. If you are interested in becoming our new Treasurer, please let a board member know.

Our membership regained momentum this past year and has risen by a growth of 40% over where we were last January with paid memberships. With the wonderful programs that Christy Hall has procured for us, and the many more she has lined up, we are sure to keep the attention of members and even become enviable to other groups in our ability to procure such quality programs.

Later this year, after our workshop, the board will be addressing some protocol items in our by-laws, as well as the dues structure, in that we can ensure to continue to provide the quality events that we have all come to enjoy.

Marie Loeb
ASNT President 2015-2016

January 2016 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

Happy New Year!

You . . . are going to have a super year! And so is ASNT!

As 2016 beckons it’s time for everyone to step back, reassess and reexamine where you are, who you are, and what your game plan is. As we go Mercury retrograde pretty much right out of the gate in 2016, January 5th – 26th) it’s our chance to catch all of last year’s loose ends and make a clean start of the new year.

And happy birthday Capricorn! The Capricorn new moon on the 9th accentuates the midheaven and getting your business aspects in order for the year. You’ll feel better for it going forward and ready to hit tax season head on with that Capricorn mountain goat headdress!

For our January program, we welcome our newest board member Publicity Chair, Ryhan Butler, who will be speaking on his specialty: Medieval Astrology. He educates and practices in the areas of medical, horary, electional, natal and “magic” astrology. Ryhan also is an educator on the Kepler College staff.

It will be interesting to hear how our ancestors, along with the kings and queens, used astrology via their “magic” Merlin they had in their courts. Isn’t it true that anything we don’t understand, just must be ‘magic’? A little “Lord of the Rings” anyone?

Marie Loeb
ASNT President 2015-2016

December 2015 Newsletter – ASNT President’s Message

Happy Celestial Holidays!

Wow – It’s hard to believe that nearly a year has passed since I first met many of you and took office in January. With the help of a fabulous board, we have come a long way with our technical prowess, and have a spectacular year lined up ahead thanks to our Programs Chair Christy Hall!

Having just had our Fall Workshop with David Cochrane, a workshop attended by many from out of state, and even out of country, we are heading into getting prepared for the next one!

In case you missed out on our Harmonics with David Cochrane workshop, we learned a more streamlined way of astrology, after unraveling and retraining a few of our current mindsets. If you have missed this, you will want to look into it. – it’s a “spot on” method of interpretation. I really shouldn’t even say interpretation here, since David leaves little to a judgment call. It’s more like a diagnosis through a process! And it’s no wonder that he has a following that is growing by the minute. Looks like our reputation is finally going to gain status through David’s research!

Let’s pause for a minute and give thanks for our wonderful year that we had and hope that the overseas turmoil boils away with the season and stays away. On the bright wide, we have Uranus turning direct on Christmas Day in Aries coupled with a Cancer Full Moon.  You, your home and family, surprises, and electronics. Hmmm… maybe the electronics will actually work!

Have a Safe and Blessed Holiday Season!

Marie Loeb
ASNT President 2015

November 2015 Newsletter

September 2015 Newsletter – ASNT President Message

How does it all add up? With our ASNT Weekend Workshop around the corner, your Board of Directors has been busy putting together the finishing touches on the event. Let’s take a quick look at what we have learned this year that will culminate with the workshop. Let’s see how we progressed. First, we started out the year in January with Cindy Novak as our guest speaker as she helped us “square off” our chart interpretations exploring Vedic and its many rhythms. Next came our own Christy Hall touring us through her path towards astrology and all the various sciences she sorted through to make semblance of it all, and how she applies it to her own style today. March brought us Naomi Bennett and her wonderful insights and new book subject matter: Foundations of Astrology”. From ancient civilizations to the hidden geometry, Naomi uncovered the pattern to life events. Diane Eichenbaum enlightened us in April with a talk on the technique she uses. We explored the charts of computer expert Alan Turing, as well as Apple Computer, Steve Jobs, Microsoft and Bill Gates, comparing their similarities and differences. June brought us a collision of heaven and earth with Russ von Ohlhausen and Donna Woodwell from Austin. Here, we faced head on E=Mc2, the Fibonacci Sequence, numerology and math vs. myth. Rhavda Emison, addressed us in July discussing the Hebrew Kaballah Tic-tac-toe predictive technique to numerology utilizing rows and columns. We explored our own Birth Box giving meaning of the numbers that will help us the rest of our lives in an effective way. August brought us Betty Ann Ruyle teaching us that nothing moves without a polarity force and zero does represent something! Meaning in numbers is all around us. How did you add up last month? Which brings us to this month’s speaker, Christy Hall. This time Christy will give a talk on the relationship between Venus, the Sun and Earth. We will be exploring the difference between morning and evening stars, Chaos Theory, and Venus as a magnet and mirror in our lives.

Our annual ASNT Weekend Workshop is just a mere 9 weeks away on November 6-8th! Our guest speaker, David Cochrane will lead us through three different seminars. Friday and Saturday evening are shorter seminars and the main seminar is Saturday and Sunday featuring the new predictive technique catching on fast in the profession. This is a more clear and simple technique that we will all have an immediate “take away” from this session and apply to our readings. Don’t miss it!

David is flying in from Florida to present to us!
The first seminar, Friday evening will be about Understanding the Fundamental Language of Astrology. By following astrological rules that he developed, David will tour us through this clear and simple language where the meanings of the planets, signs, and houses are specific and also a bit different from what we usually expect.

The second and main program, Saturday morning and afternoon as well as Sunday afternoon will be about The Vibrational Astrology Revolution. This is a simplified form of harmonic astrology, so look forward to untangling the web this weekend!

A bonus Saturday evening seminar will be addressing Astrology and Sacred Geometry. As an extension of this year’s seminar themes, we will hear more in depth info on the Fibonacci Sequence and are they really relate to astrology and how.
So if you haven’t yet registered, you want to reserve your seat now. The seminars have been advertised at NORWAC (a national level conference) and will be advertised in The Mountain Astrologer

Marie Loeb
ASNT President 2015

August 2015 Newsletter – ASNT President Message


Pluto, Pluto, where art thou Pluto? Are you on Kepler 452b?

First he’s a planet, then no he’s not, now, but on this July 14th, NASA passed a probe around him with the ashes on board Pluto’s discoverer, American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh. The spacecraft, called New Horizons, has spent more than nine years traveling to the outer reaches of the solar system. Apparently during this timeframe Pluto got its’ downgrade to a dwarf planet, that ever that means. (Be careful NASA, dynamite comes in small packages!!). The verdict now? He’s cold, icy and they forgot to pack their ice skates on this trip!

We Astrologers know him to be the “Transformation” planet. Apparently so, with the classifications all mumbled up, he’s living up to his reputation.

If that’s not enough news, just nine days later, NASA made another big announcement: Kepler 452b. A planet discovered in another solar system, 60% larger than ours with a 365 day orbit, (sound familiar) with most likely a rocky terrain with the hopes of having incubating life forms since it has the ability. That’s pretty major!!

No, Southwest Airlines won’t be flying there anytime soon, but it will be very interesting to see what is discovered in its solar system and if there are any other parables to ours. Maybe the concept of assigning houses will become more clear (we can hope). The one thing I’ve learned this year is the subjectivity of this profession. It’s worse than my architecture profession! And the more I read for clarity, the more I get mumbled up, just like Pluto. But no matter his designation, I’m fond of him; he cracks the whip at whatever is out of control for the masses, and for the long-haul. Like I said at my first membership meeting as President Elect: the study of houses that Pluto controls and transforms, is what made a believer out of me. It can’t possibly be a coincidence. It is so nice to be able to forecast forward to the next Pluto transformational challenge when he strides into the next sign in 2024. We are predicted to have our coastlines flood and crest at the middle of Pluto’s long sojourn: the year will be 2032. The next sign is of course Aquarius: The Water Bearer ! Any questions?

Marie Loeb
ASNT President 2015

July 2015 Newsletter – ASNT President Message

“Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate?  Astrology, that’s who!!”

It’s kick off month for astrology by the numbers, better known as Numerology, and even some astrology by the color, better known as a blue moon.  The next two months we host speakers on numerology, a deeper and different look at the rhythms and cycles on the subject. Be sure to join us on the second Sunday.

But let’s take a look at the first full moon before we look at the second one of the month, hence the blue moon. It rolls in July 1st, in Capricorn while our sun is in Cancer. Maternal homebody Cancer and entrepreneurial Capricorn.  Astrological opposites. Try to find your meeting of the minds in that full moon synergy, and your in line for the next new moon, (plant seeds after you figure out what to do) this time in home base Cancer on the 15th. A Mars-Pluto opposition plays out on the same day.  With Pluto jousting in Capricorn this decade, be on the lookout for big mouthed, big business types being Mars like forceful fighting for their turf. (Hmmm, sounds like the presidential debates we get to look forward to.)  Pluto is transforming you, Mr. Big business – bye, bye!  Micro brewery’s are all the rage, could other micro businesses be far behind?  Hey, who do you trust?  The guy next door or some faceless suit in New York?

We cap off the months end with a second full moon – a blue moon on the 31st. Blue Moon is also a well known micro brew beer.   See the pattern here?  The sun will be in Leo by then, and the full moon takes place in Aquarius. Hear the roar for scientific, innovations in store for us.  Perhaps it will be about Cuba’s medical discovery that fights Aids from spreading from mothers to their infants. My, won’t big business pharmaceuticals be at wits end they didn’t figure it out first!

Have a great July and remember to join us on the 12th!

Marie Loeb
ASNT President, 2015.

June 2015 Newsletter – ASNT President Message

Seeing Double?

If not, you will be!  It’s the season of Gemini, and this month opens with dualism at its best.  It starts out with a Sagittarius full moon on the 2nd, with behind-the-scenes Neptune squaring it in its hometown sign of Pisces (another dual sign).  Whatever is lurking behind the scenes in foggy Neptune, will come out of hiding at the full moon.   Remember, if you think it is, it probably is.  You’re about to find out.  With Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury still retrograde, it’s go-back and clean things up time.  You are probably re-visiting things for the second time right now (if not even more).  Mars is in Gemini as well, so clone yourself and get things done in true Mars fashion (charge ahead!!), then you’ve got the summer to relax – maybe!

June 16th brings a, Gemini New Moon.  Fresh starts, new plans.  Then on June 21st it’s Summer Solstice. My, the year is already half finished, where has it gone!

Be sure to Join us Sunday, June 14th as we welcome not just one, but two professional astrologers from the Austin, Texas area:  Ms. Donna Woodwell and Mr. Russ von Ohlhausen.

They will present astrology in its purest form as a joining of science and mathematics.  If anyone out there is an astrology non-believer, or sitting on the fence, it’s time to join us for this meetings seminar and see how science forms astrology and how it plays out on the world’s stage.

Marie Loeb, ASNT President 2015



May 2015 Newsletter – ASNT President Message

Will April showers bring May flowers? If it didn’t flood them out, it should!

For those of who missed last month’s speaker, Diane Eichenbaum was absolutely wonderful!  Diane presented Alan Turing’s chart, with analysis, along WWII and his solar return, Steve Jobs and other computer notables.

If it wasn’t for this man, I don’t know that we simply wouldn’t be as a society where we are now., Whether it be the effects of the invention of the computer, or the fact that he cracked Hitler’s code that lead to winning WWII. The symbolism of Apple Computer’s logo, bite and all, was a real eye opener.

As we enter Taurus and the second spring sign, we are faced with a feisty Scorpio full moon on the 3rd be prepared for something to come to a head in whatever house yours falls in. A transformation sign in a transformation mode – ouch!

And dont forget the Mercury retrograde from May 18 – June 11th. For myself, being born Marx, I find I go into overload those few weeks. I call it my “Take a Number Mode”. Things tend to go better for me communication wise, and my calendar pushes out about 3 weeks; hence the “Now Serving” predicament I get in. Donna Henson says it’s because other people tend to see things my way during this transit. I’d like to hear what other MerRx’s have to say about this. Not much is written about it. Then comes the big debate – is Mercury really in a detriment mode, or is the fact that Mercury is between the sun and earth, and not on the far side of the sun, further from us, and blocked by the sun, a stronger Mercury? Hmmmm. Sounds like a seminar in the making!

We skip this month’s meeting due to Mother’s Day, but we will have our regular meeting again next month. See you then, and Happy Mother’s Day!

Marie Loeb, ASNT President 2015



April 2015 Newsletter – ASNT President Message

Well Hello Spring!

What a great time to be an ASNT member! Our future looks bright with the visionary leadership of my fellow board members! In efforts to secure some well known and choice speakers, we are working to lock in their speaking engagements far in advance not only to be sure to get the date, but to ensure that we can advertise and invite other organizations to the events. Many thanks to Christy and Wayne Hall for their fantastic efforts here and even their frequent traveler awards contributions to the travel costs involved for our speakers to come to town!

So, as we brace ourselves for round two on the spring eclipse pattern, what’s poises to fast forward in your life? With the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra, what needs some balance out there? (Okay, dont make your list too long!) Our savings grace is when the great benefic Jupiter goes direct in Leo four days after the eclipse, so you get to charge forward with confidence. Something or someone, will have made that teeter-tottering balancing act you’ve been doing come to a head and the path will be clear. If not now, within two weeks or a month to the day after the eclipse. Personally, my balancing act has run out and I literally fell off my feet. I’m nursing a badly twisted, possibly fractured ankle as I write this!

Our next meeting on April 8th should be an exciting one, so be sure to attend! We are looking forward to Diane Eichenbaum discussing the chart of Alan Turing, the man who lead his team to “crack the code” of the Nazi’s during WWII that was the essential component to enable the ally forces to position against Hitler. This was made into a wonderful movie (The Imitation Game) that showed during the holidays and is on pay-per view now. If you haven’t seen it, you might want to before our meeting. Diane will discuss not only his chart, but her method of interpreting natal charts that she uses with her world-wide 15,000+ clientele.

Marie Loeb, ASNT President 2015



March 2015 Newsletter – ASNT President Message

In like a Lion! – Out like a lamb?  This remains to be seen!  Welcome to March.  Well, the groundhog was right. (He must be an astrologer)  Four more weeks of winter.  As I write this, we here in north Texas deal with weather that is apparently having an identity crisis. Snow, ice, rain and 70 degrees coming up shortly – stay tuned!  Sorry I’m of no help in that department, but to help sort out our own identities not only of the ones we love, but of astrology’s identity, and it’s “roots” as to say, we welcome Naomi Bennett of the Astrological Society of Austin as our guest speaker this month.

Santa brought Naomi a huge Christmas present this year; the publication of her new book “Foundations of Astrology” on December 23, 2014!  It is available on Barnes & Noble and Amazon web sites.  At present, if you would like for her to sign it at our monthly meeting, please order one and bring it with you.  It’s so hot off the press, that even Naomi doesn’t have the usual lot of books to sell yet!

We will hear her wonderful diagnosis of aspects, and how they are used in science, your cell phone, and of course astrology.  Naomi will revisit some of the basics that will not appear as so basic.  And enlighten us as on the signs of the past, and signs of the future, and aspects as houses.  Naomi addresses the proverbial “Are we in the Age of Aquarius” yet?

Well, after this week’s storm that blanketed the nation, the “Water Bearer” came bearing water pretty darn good!  Perhaps the drought will be behind us this year.

Marie Loeb, ASNT President 2015


February 2015 Newsletter – ASNT President Message

Welcome to February!

As we enter the succedent mid season Aquarius house, the Board is mirroring that momentum with our monthly meeting conference call.  We are starting to get in the groove, if you will, with the ideas and talents of our general membership and Board members shinning through.

Last month we had a fresh astrological view with Cynthia Novak taking us through our personal Vedic chart emphasizing not only the differences in format, but the various Vedic strongpoint’s that engaged her to start fusing together eastern and western astrology in her practice.

This month, we continue that theme, breaking out of our comfort zone and examining a wide variety of western astrology chart house systems, along with lunar phases as a  foundation, and what system seems to work best for the different types of astrology and questions asked.  We will be seeing this through the eyes and experience of our own north Texas astrologer, Christy Hall.  Christy was invited to present this talk to the Astrological Society of Austin in fall of 2013, and was well received for her insights and perspective.  And we learn all this all while Mercury is retrograde in the present sun sign of Aquarius! We all have various questions and curiosities on the different formats out there, so let’s review what we know, learn what we dont know, and break out of that comfort zone.  What better way to help communicate chart interpretations than using what seems to work best!

Looking ahead, the Board is pulling together an impressive line-up of speakers, even keeping 2016 in mind.  Remember, this is a two way street, we invite any suggestions that you may have.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on February 8th and hope you have a happy Valentine’s day this month!

Marie Loeb, ASNT President 2015


Here Comes Jupiter in Leo

By Claire Shepard

In Andrew Cohen’s book, Enlightenment is a Secret, he writes, “Realize perfect innocence and abide there always. Innocence is what we knew ourselves to be before we knew anything else. Before we knew anything at all, we knew this purity. Coming upon the perfect purity of this innocence, we are overwhelmed with awe, wonder, mystery and devotion.”

I believe this passage speaks exquisitely to the essential energy of Leo which rules children, love affairs and creative self- expression. It is the true foundation of any sort of creative process or approach to love. For many, accessing this place requires moving past old, early life conditioning and self-doubt which says we don’t have what it takes or that something within us is flawed. We are all here to love and to be creative. We all search and struggle to capture the awe, the wonder and the mystery.

Jupiter, planet of expansion, growth, optimism, and good fortune moves into the fiery sign of Leo on July 16, 2014 at 5:30:30 AM CDT. Jupiter in Leo will give us a special opportunity to tap into this place of simplicity. We all possess the Leo energy in our natal birth chart and here in its fresh and implicit potential we naturally love ourselves, honor ourselves and contribute through spontaneous passion, love and joy. This power, this innocence, is inherent in everyone.

The Jupiter transiting aspects coming from early August to Neptune, from late August to early September to Pluto, from late September to early October to Saturn will serve as the impetus to break out of old fears, restrictions and illusions about our possibilities. These aspects catalyze us viscerally to communicate our truest feelings. They dare us to experiment joyfully with fresh ideas including any and all forms of talent and abilities. Jupiter through Leo can lend us the courage to leap off with our most secretly held dreams of art, love, romance, sex and merriment. Jupiter, in its journey through the energy field of Leo, will provide chances to grow, to soar, recognizing where and how we can bring excitement, love and spontaneity to our lives.

Since Leo rules the creative child we must nurture these dreams and efforts keeping them close to our hearts while encouraging our children and friends to do the same. Keep an eye on the children. They are the spark. Watch, listen, and learn.

Our current culture may not value the crucial nature of these efforts however; if we look throughout history we know this is a highly prized part of any advanced civilization. The United States, established with the Sun in Cancer, is far more concerned with matters of money and status. My message is we have to support and empower ourselves from within through this process.

We will all be challenged to bring to life, our fire, our affection, from the truth and soul of our being. Our ability to move forward with this dynamic time will be directly proportional to our bravery in facing and healing the core issues which have held many of us back for so long. We may have to dig deeply into our belief systems about what is possible for us. We may have to closely guard our thoughts and listen to our gut, our instincts, for true guidance. Julia Cameron’s, The Artist’s Way is a book which leads us gently and happily through our resistances to creative evolution and change. Evolution and change which will enhance our confidence, bringing enchantment and abiding satisfaction to our lives. This is a book for everyone.

For many, this potent urge to express ourselves spiritually, emotionally and physically will no longer be a choice. It will be ripe to bursting, ready within us, yearning for a voice, an avenue. Repressing fire creates anger, depression and disease. It’s far easier to direct our force consciously and a great deal more fun and rewarding.

My intention is to focus and ground daily in nature and commit to this year-long moment. My intention is to stay mindful and nurture myself from what I have learned from Jupiter’s transit through Cancer this last year.. To affirm I am in the right place at the right time giving myself encouragement from one day to the next.  By patiently and deliberately devoting our precious energy to our deepest, most personal passions and aspirations, we can realize an exhilarating new magic in our lives, a new beginning.

So be it.

Claire Shepard is a Fort Worth, Texas Depth Astrologer, Speaker and Writer. She may be reached at 817-585-1089.

 This article first published in the Indigo Sun Magazine August 2014.